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OnPlan Health Debut Blazes a New Trail In Patient Self-Pay

by onplanadmin

Patients Set Up Payment Plans Within Three Hours of Launch

Last week, OnPlan Health went live with its first hospital in Illinois. The hospital sent OnPlan their patient accounts on the day they became self-pay after insurance, and within three hours patients had signed up for payment plans through OnPlan's hospital-branded mobile site!  In fact, 90 percent of the plans activated were via mobile or tablet. Not a single statement or letter had been sent, there was zero interaction by customer service, and the accounts were kept out of early-out or collections.  This is a first ever in healthcare, where the patients were not on a current payment plan and the entire process was completely automated.

Collaboration Breeds Success
We are very fortunate to be working with some of the most intelligent and dedicated providers in healthcare as key advisors in developing and launching OnPlan Health.  Today, there is a huge focus on what needs to happen in order to effect change in healthcare—and clearly there is significant investment being poured into all facets of the industry.  In my world of revenue cycle management, I am seeing firsthand a shift in provider behavior and attitude to one that is more receptive to new technologies and processes, and not afraid to push the envelope to gain performance improvement. OnPlan is living proof of the innovation that can happen when provider executives and employees open up and participate in the process. The Burden of High Deductibles

You don't have to be an expert in the healthcare revenue cycle to know that high deductibles are putting a strain on patient wallets and provider A/R.  Go to any dinner party or family gathering and you are likely to hear people talking passionately about their health plan and how much they pay out of pocket for their families.  In fact, one in three Americans put off getting medical treatment last year due to cost, with the biggest increase impacting upper income consumers.  This is not just an uninsured or working poor problem.  The fact is, most people want to pay for their healthcare services, but more and more simply cannot afford to pay the high amounts all at once and don't know how to seek options.

A Better Solution for Patient Collections
OnPlan is changing the way providers work with their patient-customers who need help paying for healthcare services.  OnPlan has designed a process that allows providers to serve their customers in a way similar to how a mobile/wireless provider extends family unlimited share plans. They don't have to worry about using the services due to cost; instead, they pick a plan that fits their budget, pay a rate each month, and can even achieve rewards or discounts for using the services.

In healthcare, engaging patients with limited staff has always been a challenge for providers.  With the rapid growth in self-pay A/R, providers have had little choice but to turn to early-out, loan programs, and collection agencies.  The problem is, these third parties (as good as they may be at their respective roles) can put an inadvertent wedge between the provider and their customer, which can reflect poorly on their business. In addition, these services are very expensive, costing providers as much as 25 percent to collect from patients who are often willing to pay, but are unaware of affordable options. OnPlan allows providers to take back control of their patient collections and customer service, and direct accounts to third parties at the right time, after the patients have been engaged and the right options have been offered.

We are energized and fortunate here at OnPlan to be helping both the patients and providers solve a big pain point.  We thank our provider partners for their willingness to share their knowledge and talents, and drive innovation that is really making a difference!

John Talaga
OnPlan CEO


For more information, click to contact OnPlan Health or call us at 224-544-5587.