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  • The Self-Pay Compliance Problem: Payment Security

The Self-Pay Compliance Problem: Payment Security

by OnPlan Health


When hospitals move to tackle their self-pay problem, they need to make credit card data security a priority. David King, OnPlan's co-founder and CTO, is a recognized authority in credit card data security. In this HFM blog article, David identifies how healthcare data breaches happen, what hospitals and health systems must do to protect patient data, and how a hospital's payment system directly impacts card data security and the scope of PCI (Payment Card Industry) obligations.

The best way for hospitals to protect card data is with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE). In partnership with Bluefin Payment Systems, OnPlan was the first to offer a PCI-validated P2PE solution in healthcare. To learn more about how OnPlan Health can help protect your patient card data, contact us at 224-544-5587.

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